Thursday, February 10, 2011

A True Life

2011 is destined to be a great year.  There are so many exciting things that are happening in our household.  After all, Bill and are getting married October 1, 2011, and I can't wait!  Also, our one year anniversary of purchasing our first home is March 31.  Two very big milestones if you ask me. 

I've decided that I want a place to share our story, our "true" life if you will (I say "true" because that will be my new last name come October!).  I want to be able to look back and have pictures and words to help remind me of these moments in our lives.  I want to reflect more and learn to appreciate the everyday happenings, rather than just the huge milestones.

I've also recently become obsessed with all things home related.  I can't stop reading decorating magazines, blogs and I continually find myself browsing through home stores.  It's an obsession.  I want to learn new ways to organize and simplify our life and house, all while learning to live with what we have, but still dream about what the future holds.

So welcome to "a 'true' and home."

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