Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Did I Ever Tell You...

We were once in the newspaper?  Well, we were.  It was last September.  About two months after we moved in, we were approached by the local housing association about having our house on the local historical tour.  We couldn't say no to that!

So we spent the first six months of living in the house just getting it full of furniture and atleast a few things hung on the walls.

About a month before the tour, our house was selected to be featured in the Indianapolis Star.  The article turned out fantastic!  It was the front page of the home and garden section (we were completely in shock!) and they even included our favorite pooch!

The article is no longer online, but the picture gallary is.  Click here to see.  I'm not allowed to post the pics myself as they are protected by copywrite.  Side note:  the first eleven photos are our goes straight into the next gallery after that (although the next house looks amazing, I can't claim it as my own).

I'll try to scan the article and post tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday!

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