Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our House

I think today would be a great day to show you what the inside of our house looked like while we were in the early stages of purchasing it.  I have to admit, the house was/is in really good shape, and we are lucky we don't have to do a lot of upgrades as first time homebuyers.  Therefore, most of the changes we've done to date have been for personal reasons.  Although, I maintain that removing the big tree in the front yard helps curb appeal, which will some day help in property value!

So, here is the house as we saw it when we first drove by.  
The property did not show up on any of our listings, we just happened to be driving down the street it is on to go to an open house for a house that was on our list.  When I saw the for sale sign, I couldn't help but get excited.  It was gorgeous!  It looked like a warm, comfortable lodge.  We thought, if we loved how it looked in the winter, that we'd probably love it in the summer as well!  We've since had the driveway paved as well, which makes it look so much nicer and also helps with the value of the house.

The first room you see is the living room.  The front door opens up right into the middle, which can make it pretty difficult when it comes to decorating.  I immediately fell in love with the hardwood floors (which were newly sealed after this pic) and the fireplace.

The house has all brand new windows which was a huge selling feature to us.  In most of the older houses we looked at, a lot of the windows were painted shut!  Such a shame.  The front door is also the original door to the house.  I guess I should mention that the house was the first house built on the block. It was the original farm house (our local historical society even has some old pics of it) in the area built in 1918.  We love the history of the house!

Here's a view of the other end of the living room  So many windows!  Gotta love the natural light!

Next is the dining room.  It right off the living room.  The swinging door in the back left goes into the kitchen.

Here is a small glimpse into the kitchen.  I can't seem to find all of my pictures right now of the kitchen, but I can update that later.  This is the small addition that was added on to the house in the 40s and serves as a breakfast nook.  Again, I love all the windows and natural light.
I wanted to include this picture as well as it contains the original built-ins on the left.  We use them as a pantry right now as we are limited on storage space, but they are just darling.  
We also have a half bath right off the kitchen.  Another big item on our "want" list.  We rented a house with only one bathroom, and it was a pain for guests to have to go upstairs to our (usually messy) bathroom.

This is a small glimpse into the third bedroom (the only room on the main floor).  We use it as a catchall right now.  It is Brooklyn's room, the office and also has a futon for any overflow of guests.
When you walk upstairs, you run right into our bathroom.  It was completely gutted and redone. 

The upstairs bedrooms are both the same size (no master suite for us).  The ceilings are slanted in the bedrooms but I think it makes them feel cozy.  This is the room that faces the front of the house that we currently use as a guest bedroom.
Not sure where my pic of the other room is, but just picture this same thing with a slightly different wall color facing the back of the house that we use for our bedroom.

I promise that I will soon take some current pictures of the house so you can see what we've actually done with some of the rooms.  We've lived here for about a year, so not a whole lot has been taken off our to-do list yet.


  1. What a gorgeous home! I love all of the character. It has so much potential. I can't wait to see what you do with it! Just came across your blog and I'm a new follower.

  2. Thanks Jena! The character of the house is what sold it for us too! Thanks for following!


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