Friday, March 11, 2011

Landscaping: Part 1 - Goodbye Trees

Bill and I recently decided that we really wanted to do some landscaping so we can enjoy our outdoor space much more come spring/summer.  The main focus for the beginning is to get some grass to grow.  This has proven to be very difficult for two reasons:

1.  Too much shade due to some unhealthy trees in our yard.
2.  This little monster (Brooklyn that is, not Bill).

Therefore, we are currently undergoing Phase 1 of Project Landscape.  We are removing four trees from our property. 

The first one lives in the front yard right off the driveway and closer to the street.  We've learned that it was once a previous owner's christmas tree, but has since grown taller than our house and shades most of the front yard allowing minimal grass growth.  The roots are becoming extremely large; therefore, preventing any additional grass to plant in the earth.  I, for one, am not sad to see this guy go.  I haven't liked him since we moved in.  He is lopsided and his lower branches have been cut off, so he is just plain ugly.  I think Bill is a little more worried about his removal. 

The other three trees live in the fenced in portion of our backyard.  We were recently told that none of them are particulary healthy so it wouldn't hurt to take them out.  I think this is a great solution to problem of growing grass in the backyard.  Currently it is mostly dirt/mud, as you can see in the pics below.  I've planted grass seed, overseeded it, watered it, but nothing really takes.  Too much shade, and unfortunately, Brooklyn likes to eat and scatter anything I try to plant back there.  We are hoping to sod the fenced in portion of the backyard in order to increase our chances of having grass back there. 

The trees are coming down today, and I am extremely nervous.  I hope that my convincing Bill to take them out was the right decision.  We shall see! 

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